Being a Terrorist

    Curious to find out what attracts (stupid) chicks towards the Islamic State`s "soldiers", The Experience Factory tried to recreate in it`s labs the feeling of a terrorist. Basically, you take a guy with no future (present and past like shit), wash a little more his brain, encourage his paranoia and put a rifle in his hands while talking about a "noble" goal he will believe in: to kill as many "enemies" he can... before the sniper shoots him. When that inevitable moment arrives, a vision of an alternative life flashes before his eyes: a family, a job, the summer holidays, his children`s laughter etc. - i.e. all those important little things that make life so great. Before the curtains fall, a last feeling comes out of nowhere: "terrorism sucks !"

Here is the experiment:

Of course, The Experience Factory does not recommend such a shitty feeling. You could rather try a role from a classic horror movie - like, for e.g., "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre". Or maybe you can be Samara - the little girl who climbs out of the television in "The Ring" !  But being a terrorist isn`t worth at all !   

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