The Idea

We are looking for people interested in offering all kind of experiences. Can you scream to scary somebody, can you give a flower to a lady, can you shout "Happy Birthday!" at a party? Great, you're hired! Can you do many other things? We are looking forward for you to join us – for now only with a click on "workers" (details to come via e-mail). Whether you want to be an occasionally volunteer or you want to earn money with such an activity, this is your place. Colleagues will welcome you, will give you the overall and will direct you to the machine that makes the experiences. Do you think such a machine does not exist? Register to see!

Would you just be a beneficiary of such services (free or not)? It's good that way too. The Factory needs customers! Welcome to the heading "Customer". You can find a few products at heading "Products". When we begin production, the “Order” button will get functional.

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